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Das Kinoprogramm wird wöchentlich aktualisiert. Die Kinokasse ist Mo-Fr ab 13:30 und Sa-So ab 11:30 Uhr geöffnet. Ermäßigte Tickets gibt es nur an der Kinokasse (Ausnahme: bei Kinder- und Familienfilmen auch im Onlinekauf). Reservierung empfohlen: 030 32592592. Reservierte Tickets müssen bis 15 min vor Beginn abgeholt werden. Bitte beachtet die Angaben zu den Sprachversionen. Filme ohne Kennzeichnung sind auf Deutsch.

Hinweis zum Filmbeginn: Wir zeigen nur wenig Werbung vor den Filmen, max. 10 min. Bitte kommt pünktlich. ** Please note the show time: Our pre-show commercials last no more than 10 min. Please arrive on time.

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Love Lies Bleeding Film Kristen Stewart Katy O'Brian
This queer, sexed-up noir will rock your world: Love Lies Bleeding doesn’t have time for a slow burn. It’s a movie that comes in hot and leaves in a molten blaze of glory.
David Fear, Rolling Stone
Love Lies Bleeding Film Kino 2024
A jaw-dropping, gruesome psychosexual thriller: Love Lies Bleeding’s total lack of filter is its greatest strength. It’s the sort of film you instinctively want to tuck under a mattress: hot, nasty and mouth-wateringly disreputable, this is cinema with nothing to lose.
Robbie Collin, The Telegraph
Emma Stone Kinds of Kindness
Reuniting with writer Efthimis Filippou, the spirit king of the Greek Weird Wave has produced a profoundly puzzling, dizzyingly disturbing and dark-hearted set of loosely-connected stories which manage to be discordantly amusing and strangely exhilarating – a cinematic salt-rub.
Fionnuala Halligan, Screen Daily
Kinds of Kindness Film Emma Stone
Kinds of Kindness Film Jesse Plemons
Yorgos Lanthimos returns to his nihilistic, sicko ways; a sex-and-cruelty-packed film that had Cannes cheering for its unapologetic bizarreness... It’s a movie that laughs in the face of a happy ending, refusing to let you get too comfortable. It is evil in the best way.
Esther Zuckerman, The Daily Beast
Poor Things Emma Stone Kino
Emma Stone gives a hilarious, beyond-next-level performance in Lanthimos’s toweringly bizarre comedy: Everything in it – every frame, every image, every joke, every performance – gets a gasp of excitement.
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
Poor Things Emma Stone Academy Award Best Actress
Poor Things Academy Award Best Costume Design
Das Aufregendste, was es seit langer Zeit im Kino zu sehen gab: In dem fantastischen Film erweckt Schauspielerin Emma Stone eine roboterhafte Frauenkreatur meisterhaft zum Leben. Ein Wunder der Selbstfindung.
Wolfgang Höbel, Der Spiegel
Poor Things Emma Stone Academy Award Best Production Design
Poor Things Academy Award Best Makeup Hairstyling
Stuffed with rude delights, spry wit, radical fantasy and breathtaking design elements, the movie is a feast. And Emma Stone gorges on it in a fearless performance that traces an expansive arc most actors could only dream about.
David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter
Poor Things Emma Stone BAFTA Best Leading Actress
Poor Things Emma Stone jetzt im Kino
POOR THINGS is the best film of Lanthimos’ career and already feels like an instant classic, mordantly funny, whimsical and wacky, unprecious and unpretentious, filled with so much to adore that to try and parse it all here feels like a pitiful response to the film’s ambitions.
Ryan Lattanzio, IndieWire
Poor Things Emma Stone Film 04

Emma Stone in Poor Things © 2023 Searchlight Pictures All Rights Reserved

It’s an alchemic combination, this continuing collaboration between Lanthimos and Stone, a working relationship that started with THE FAVOURITE... Two talents that could hardly be described as risk-averse in the first place, together they unleash in each other an extra level of uninhibited artistic daring that, one suspects, must be rooted in an uncommon degree of mutual trust.
Wendy Ide, The Guardian
Yorgos Lanthimos and Emma Stone on the set of Poor Things - Foto Atsushi Nishijima

Yorgos Lanthimos & Emma Stone on the set of Poor Things. Photo by Atsushi Nishijima © 2023 Searchlight Pictures All Rights Reserved

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